Designed by German studio 3deluxe the ornamental Butterfly Pavillon located on Noor Island in the Arab Emirate Sharjah is the first in a series of attractions being built as a part of a roughly six acre transmedia landscape park. 

The whimsical structure consists of a free-form, 3D roof made of 4,000 gold aluminum leaves covering a glass biosphere park. The 475-square-foot pavilion interior not only houses 500 species of butterflies, but also an artificial rainforest ecosystem with many tropical plants. 

The curved roof of the pavilion arches from the base of the glass structure and is multipurpose, creating a cover to help regulate temperature from the climate by providing shade and funneling hot air over the facade. The dramatic shadows cast by direct sunlight through the roof is meant to emulate standing under the treetops in a rainforest. [Photographs by 3deluxe]

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