Located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, The Counterpoint House designed by Paul Raff Studio Architects in 2014 was built to cater to the needs of an active family of four though interconnected living spaces and a nod to the natural outdoor environment. 

The 3,837-square-foot, energy-efficient home features open-concept living spaces, which organically flow from room to room. Natural light is highlighted with the upper levels of the house set back from the street to create privacy, while allowing for south facing windows to bring abundant sunlight into the middle of the house. The lower level “in-law” suite provides extensive views of the gardens along with ample natural light, which is rare for a basement apartment.

In addition to the skillfully designed structure, the south face of the house features a solar reflector screen which bounces sunlight into the home, resulting in an energy-efficient home with a small carbon footprint. 

“Southern light in the northern climate is wonderful for helping heat the house in winter, but can create too high a glare to be comfortable,” says architect Paul Raff. “The solar reflector screen solves that, while creating a dynamic play of delicate shadows, which to me is the visual equivalent of harp music.” [Photography by Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc., Steve Tsai]

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